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{{Succession box | before=[[Dave Felt]] | title=[[Chairman of American Mensa]] | years=1995 | after=[[Darlene Criss]] }}
{{Succession box | before=[[Dave Felt]] | title=[[Chairman of American Mensa]] | years=1995 | after=[[Darlene Criss]] }}
{{end box}}
{{end box}}
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Richard "Dick" Amyx was elected to the position of chairman of American Mensa in 1993 as part of the "Amyx / Berg / Hardy" "round-table" ticket along with Bear Berg and Tim Hardy, who ran together on a reform platform. During his term, the American Mensa National Office was relocated from Brooklyn to Fort Worth, considered by the Amyx administration to be a major accomplishment, but subject at the time to much conflict and controversy. In the 1995 elections, Amyx was re-elected as chairman, but other positions went to opponents such as Dave Remine, with whom Amyx had been unable to work constructively due to personal and political animosities between them. Rather than remain as chair under such circumstances, Amyx resigned during the 1995 Annual Business Meeting of American Mensa at the St. Louis AG, causing outgoing First Vice Chairman Darlene Criss to become chairman for a few minutes until the end of the meeting (since she had left to catch a flight, Second Vice Chairman Berg actually served as the acting chair for the close of the meeting), and Dave Remine, newly elected as First Vice Chairman, to become chairman for the new term.

The Amyx administration was notable for the high incidence of closed executive sessions for the American Mensa Committee, disappointing members who preferred the business of Mensa to be conducted with openness. However, the large number of issues involving sensitive personnel-related matters which arose during this term, in conjunction with the office move which involved dismissing the entire former paid staff, likely necessitated such confidentiality. There were also many conflicts between AMC members of different political factions, producing "dirty laundry" which the participants preferred not to air in public.

Some people, including some of those who supported the Amyx/Berg/Hardy slate in its original election, criticize the Amyx administration for the dysfunctional nature of the AMC during this time, when political battles took the place of constructive activity. However, since "it takes two to tango", the opposing faction (usually regarded as being led by Dave Remine) should share the blame for this state of affairs.

Prior to becoming national Chairman, Amyx chaired the 1992 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, held in San Francisco, and took some criticism for problems of this gathering such as a botched Exploratorium excursion, though most of the planning took place under a predecessor before Amyx took over the position.

Preceded by:
Dave Felt
Chairman of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
Darlene Criss