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[[Category:American Mensans|Criss, Darlene]]
[[Category:American Mensans|Criss, Darlene]]
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Darlene Criss (of Wichita, Kansas) is a prominent American Mensan best known for editing Isolated M (affectionately known as the "Little Green Rag"), a publication founded by Harper Fowley. For a period of a few minutes, Criss was chairman of American Mensa due to the resignation of Dick Amyx during the Annual Business Meeting of American Mensa at the 1995 AG; however, because she had already left to catch a flight, she was unaware of her chairmanship at the time. She subsequently served on the American Mensa Committee as Past Chairman, and on the Hearings Committee of American Mensa, due to her previous status (however brief) as Chairman.

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Preceded by:
Dick Amyx
Chairman of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
Dave Remine