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Cookie Bakke has been active in Orange County Mensa in California and Southern Nevada Mensa, as well as in American Mensa on the national level. She ran hospitality at the 1990 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, widely praised for its abundant food, and also chaired the 2004 AG in Las Vegas (for which she changed her membership by preference to Southern Nevada Mensa), with considerably lesser hospitality food. She also had some involvement in the "national takeover" of the 2007 AG in Birmingham, which centered on issues relating to hospitality food, but has since become somewhat disgruntled about how national handles AGs, and proposed a more member-centric AG in Savannah, Georgia against the "official" proposal for a Hollywood, Florida AG in 2017, but this didn't get anywhere. She is active on several forums where Mensa politics is discussed. Her ex-husband, Russ Bakke, was the Chairman of American Mensa. She ran for American Mensa First Vice Chairman in 2009, but was not successful.

She is a second cousin to advice columnist Ann Landers.[1]

Notes and references

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