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File:Bwrdd.jpg the Regional Newsletter for Mensa Cymru - the Wales Region of British Mensa and is currently edited by Gareth Jones

Bwrdd is a Welsh word meaning Table.

Regular features in Bwrdd include:

  • Auntie Sioned - Wales Mensa's Agony Aunt who replies to 'genuine' readers letters with sound practical advice. Another regular contributor is Bwrdd's own hard-hitting Investigative Reporter
  • Ed Bangor - who writes the hard-hitting investigative articles 'Bangor Eye'. Ed has investigated such diverse topics as Elvis Presley, Bread, Mensa in Wales in the 11th Century and the links between the Afghanistan Opium trade and Laundrettes in Wales.
  • The Disclaimer - each and every month the disclaimer disclaims ...with a twist.

Bwrdd has been highly innovative in its journalistic endeavours being the first Mensa Regional Newsletter to publish Weather forecasts for its readers, the first to hold a firework display on Page 2 and now it is pioneering the use of entirely recycled words to make every issue of Bwrdd more 'Environmentally friendly'.

No animals are harmed in the making of Bwrdd.