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Boston Mensa is a chapter in Region 1 of American Mensa and covers Boston and Eastern Massachusetts (except most of Bristol County). It goes as far west as Worcester County. The Chapter newsletter is called The Beacon. Every November, they host a Regional Gathering (RG) called the New England Pilgramage Regional Gathering (RG). The next RG will be November 16-18, 2007 at the Sheraton Braintree. In May, the chapter hosts an unstructured Mini-RG in Cape Cod over Mother's Day Weekend

Boston Mensa has an active schedule and regular events include First Friday Lunch on Cape Cod, attending the annual IgNobel Awards, Double Hearts game and an evening of pool and good company at Flat Top Johnny's.

Boston Mensa Officers

  • Susan Engelke - LocSec (Local Secretary)
  • Al Beecy - Assistant LocSec
  • Rick Kovalcik - Recording Secretary
  • Susan Mozzicato - Treasurer
  • Sarah Biggieri - Newsletter Editor
  • Ben Kurtz - Member at Large
  • Chris Sullivan - Member at Large
  • Sean Travis - Member at Large

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