Are You Dependent on Tranquilizers?

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You consider yourself an intelligent person. Not just smart, you are a wonder woman since you run your home, you work and raise your kids. Sure, this is true, but what about your problem with tranquilizers? You want to get one thing straight right from the start: you are not a drug addict. You don't buy your pills on a street corner. You have a genuine prescription from your doctor. Or it is two prescriptions that you have from different doctors? And now the idea of visiting a third one is in your mind. Instead of the third doctor, you may want to consider looking into drug detox near Orange County or Los Angeles.

How can you be hooked on your tranquillizers? Sit back and think a minute. You have been taking this medicine for nearly 5 years for panic attacks and anxiety. At first the medication worked perfectly. You carried out your day-to-day routine everyday after taking your prescribed dose in the morning. You did all your tasks of the day flawlessly and you performed all your responsibilities at work. And then you had a fantastic sleep at night. It seemed that the panic attacks were gone for good.

When did things change? Do you remember the day or the month it occurred? Whilst your life was taking a positive turn and all the things were ideal, you suddenly had a panic attack at three in the day. And then you just wanted to be alone in a room. But you took another pill to make it through the rest of the day. When you visited your doctor the next time and talked about the occurrence with him, he told you what happened. You had a panic attack as your body had built tolerance for it, but he refused to raise your dosage. This all should seem really familiar to you.

And since you are an intelligent individual, you found another way. You made an appointment with a different doctor across town. And you were able to get another prescription since you did not use your insurance card. Now you were able to have a double dose of the same medication. But this isn't as effective as the time when your treatment began first. You take two pills each morning, you are lethargic throughout the day, your brain is asleep during half your conferences, and you do not feel like cooking dinner or cleaning the house. You are also suffering from panic attacks. This time don't look for a third doctor. An Orange County drug detox clinic is what you should find.

After you join a drug treatment facility in California, the first thing is an extensive physical and mental exam. There are a lot of wrongly diagnosed conditions that may cause anxiety attacks. Sometimes, their origin is not inside your head. Some of the medical conditions that can result in panic attacks are insufficient vitamin B12 and low blood sugar. But one must not self diagnose. Seek the assistance of a professional for that.

The programs are completely personalized at the California drug treatment clinic and you will instantly know what underlying reasons are causing your problems. Treatment plans are individualized for the patients. These plans help in detoxing the patient from the tranquilizer and then in handling the underlying causes.

Drug rehab in California can truly help you. Imagine beginning and ending your day totally drug free with no anxiety attacks. This can really become true, if you take the first step.