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The Annual Gathering of American Mensa has been held every year since the 1960s, often coinciding with the July 4th weekend. Commonly, the AG begins on Wednesday night and continues until Sunday morning, but this schedule is sometimes adjusted, as, for instance, when the following Monday is a national holiday and is used as the ending day of the gathering. The Annual Business Meeting of American Mensa is held during the AG, and is in fact the official reason for holding the gathering according to the bylaws of American Mensa. However, most of the activity at an AG is social or recreational, from speakers to dances to games (Carnelli and Triple-Deck Cancellation Hearts are favorites).

American Mensa is one of several national Mensas which hold Annual Gatherings, and theirs is the largest in terms of typical attendance. The earliest American AGs (1963-67) were of North American Mensa because Canada was then a part of the same group; they separated at the 1967 AG in Montreal. Since then, Mensa Canada has had separate AGs, but on three occasions there was a joint gathering of both American Mensa and Mensa Canada, with one more scheduled. In 2006, the American AG was combined with the World Gathering held near Orlando, Florida, at Walt Disney World.

History of American Mensa AGs

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