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An Annual Gathering (abbreviated AG) is the largest event of many national Mensas. A number of countries hold AGs, with the largest ones being held by American Mensa and British Mensa. There are also transnational gatherings such as the European Mensas Annual Gathering and Asian Mensa Gathering. An AG is, in general, larger in scale than a Regional Gathering (RG), which is a smaller gathering drawing attendees mostly from within a region. Normally, the AG is held at a large hotel or conference center in a major city, to accomodate a sizeable attendance, and may be located in different cities every year. In some cases there may be official business meetings connected with the AG, such as the annual business meeting of the national Mensa organization, national or international board meetings, and various committee meetings. However, social and recreational events dominate over the official business, except for a minority of members who thrive on Mensa politics.

On rare occasions a World Gathering is held, usually to commemorate a major anniversary of Mensa. This may take the place of the Annual Gathering of the country hosting it; for instance, the 2006 World Gathering also served as the AG of American Mensa for that year.

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