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Andy Farrell lives in Nottingham, England with his partner Maxine Bates. He is a regular participant in Mensa at a local, national, and international level, as well as in the mountaineering group RAMSIG.


  • Joint organiser (with Maxine) of the British Mensa's Diamond celebrations in 2006, in Nottingham.
  • Organiser of the Mensa in Keswick small gatherings in the English Lake District, in 2006 and 2007.
  • Lead organiser of the British Mensa Annual Gathering in 2002, aka the Blackpool AG.
  • Joint organiser (with Maxine) of the Lincoln Weekend regional gathering in 2001.
  • Organiser of the Midsummer Madness gathering in 2000 when it visited the Isle of Man.
  • A member of the organising team for the British Mensa Annual Gathering in 2000, aka the Leeds AG.
  • For around six years Andy organised the Mensa at Oasis gatherings under the auspices of Party SIG.
  • A series of minicruises and small group Mensa trips to Scandinavia, visiting Bergen, Esbjerg, Stavanger, and Oslo.
  • The Young Mensa in York gathering in 1996.

As well as these open-to-all Mensa events Andy arranges cruises and other holidays for groups of Mensan friends.

Regional Officer

Andy was Regional Officer for the Channel Islands from 2003 to 2006, despite not living in the islands! The local groups had broken down and no local member was willing to take on the role.

Other Roles

Andy has also been a Locsec twice (in Blackpool and Trafford, Manchester), a Regional Newsletter Editor (for the Channel Islands' Thinks!, and briefly following a retirement for Transpennine Express), a SIG Secretary (for Party SIG and Apathy SIG), a SIG Editor (of RAMSIG's Compass, Party SIG, and the jokey Apathy SIG's Mañana), a member of British Mensa's Editorial Board, British Mensa's Development Officer, the European Coordinator for the Mensa WorldConnect programme, British Mensa's national Young Mensa Officer, and briefly a director of British Mensa in 1998. 北京自动门 房产纠纷 电缆桥架 电脑回收 有机玻璃制品 陪练 会员卡 机打发票 包装公司 北京货架 礼品盒 再生塑料颗粒机 工商注册 小升初 代开发票 Dell服务器 北京物流 北京家具公司 电缆桥架 碎纸机 贵宾卡 展览公司 不干胶 北京装修公司 展柜 IBM服务器 代开发票 [1] 圣诞树 亚克力 劳保用品 电抗器 五粮液酒 房产律师 北京搬家 kvm