2021 World Gathering

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The 2021 World Gathering (Multifaceted Minds) was held in Houston, Texas at the Hilton Americas-Houston in place of the Annual Gathering of American Mensa that year, on August 24-29, 2021. A Colloquium (Advances in Food Science) was held the day before, and an International Board of Directors meeting was originally planned to be held from August 22-25, though this latter item was canceled due to the COVID pandemic.

Despite the "World Gathering" name, there were few international attendees due to the pandemic and its travel restrictions. Mask wearing was mandatory throughout the event except while eating and drinking, and people showing proof of vaccination could get a yellow badge sticker certifying they were vaccinated (though this didn't grant any special privileges). Many people chose not to attend out of COVID fear, causing a lower attendance, and some of the speakers (including keynote speaker LeVar Burton) canceled. The show still went on, however.