2019 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 2019 Annual Gathering of American Mensa (Mensa Rising) was held in Phoenix, Arizona on July 3-7, 2019. This was the third location to be chosen under new rules whereby the AG site is chosen nationally before a local committee is put together (instead of the local committee forming and making a proposal to be approved by the AMC as in the past).

Adam Savage of MythBusters was the keynote speaker, for which attendees needed to purchase a separate banquet ticket (this was the only paid meal at the event). Hospitality served breakfast and lunch, but no dinners.

Registration was $244 for members ($284 for guests) before Feb. 28, $269 / $309 before June 14, $299 / $309 onsite, and $99 / $109 daily rate.


Preceded by:
2018: Indianapolis
Annual Gathering of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
2020: Kansas City