2014 Joint Annual Gathering of American Mensa and Mensa Canada

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The 2014 Annual Gathering of American Mensa (which is jointly also the Annual Gathering of Mensa Canada), Brilliance in Beantown, was held July 2-6, 2014 in Boston at the Sheraton Boston hotel (which sold out soon after the previous year's AG, leading attendees to look for overflow hotels or rooms opening up due to cancellations). The preliminary attendance figures mentioned at the Annual Business Meeting would have made this the largest gathering of Mensans of all time, anywhere in the world, but the final figure of 2,212 (taking into account cancellations and no-shows) was a little bit short of the 2006 World Gathering. Claire Natola and Deb Stone were co-chairs.

This year's AG had its own app (for iOS and Android devices), produced by an external vendor, released less than a week from the start of the gathering. (Search for "Mensa AG 2014" in the App Store or Google Play Store.)

Claire Natola's quarterly AG committee report (member login required to access it) reported some disgruntlement on the part of the committee about all the rules imposed by national (as part of the steady trend over a number of years for the AG to be less of a grass-roots volunteer effort and more a production of paid staff and contractors), in particular the committee being forbidden to talk directly with the hotel, and even limited in who at Mensa's own national office they could talk directly with. This subject also came up during the member comment part at the end of the Annual Business Meeting.

Colloquium 2014: Crime Scene Intelligence was held at the same location on July 1, at a separate $89 registration fee.

Registration and hotel fees

Registration for the 2014 AG was $99 by 7/31/2013, $130 by 12/31/2013, $155 by 3/31/2014, $175 by 6/15/2014, and $185 on-site. The per-day rate was $50. Young Mensans were free up to age 3, $50 for ages 4 to 12, $65 for ages 13 to 20, or $30 per day. A 2-meal plan cost an extra $120. The hotel room rate was $129 (but sold out quickly).

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