2007 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 2007 Annual Gathering of American Mensa is to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, which hosted an AG ten years earlier. It is once again held at the Sheraton Civic Center and chaired by Steve and LeAnne Porter.

In contrast to recent AGs in expensive "destination" cities, with increasing amounts of management and organization provided by the paid staff of the national office, this is planned to be a more "home-grown" volunteer-based effort, similar to AGs of days gone by.

The Birmingham AG, a good old time AG, has registration prices that are really old time! They start at $40.00!!

And the hotel cost is similarly yesterday’s: SDTQ for $89.25 plus tax. And free parking for those who drive. And free airport shuttle!

There’ll be a wide variety of programs, a well-stocked games room, three dances, and of course a friendly, comfortable Hospitality Suite, open round the clock and full of candy (Umm, Chocolate!), chips, dips and veggies, drinks, and even real food.

So come on back in time to Gathering the way it used to be!

-- 19:11, 12 Oct 2005 (PDT)

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