2006 Annual Gathering of Mensa Canada

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The 2006 Annual Gathering of Mensa Canada was held in St. John's, Newfoundland from May 19th through 22nd, at The Battery Hotel & Suites.

This was a historic annual gathering for two main reasons. It marks the first time that Newfoundland has hosted a national event, and it is Canada's contribution to Mensa's international 60th Anniversary festivities - making it an INTERNATIONAL event! Though the Newfoundland region of Mensa Canada is very young, and only recently become active, we're looking to make this an AG to remember.

Deciding upon a theme for the event was easy. This year, being the first time held Newfoundland and Labrador, it was decided that the AG theme would focus on the beauty, diversity, and strengths of the province, its history, and its future. The AG is working to promote local speakers, artisans, writers, and craftspeople to the best of our ability, over the course of planning and executing the Annual Gathering.

Of course, the province and its history lends itself well to hosting our gathering. The speakers that have already signed on are amazing. Registrants will get to hear about pirates, vikings, political corruption, archeology, geology, icebergs, war, and vampires, amoung other subjects.

For further information, check out Reasons to attend the 2006 Canadian AG, or our website.

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