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{{Succession box | before=[[2004 Annual Gathering of American Mensa|2004: Las Vegas]] | title=[[Annual Gathering of American Mensa]] | years=2005 | after=[[2006 World Gathering|2006: Orlando (WG)]] }}
{{Succession box | before=[[2004 Annual Gathering of American Mensa|2004: Las Vegas]] | title=[[Annual Gathering of American Mensa]] | years=2005 | after=[[2006 World Gathering|2006: Orlando (WG)]] }}
{{end box}}
{{end box}}
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The 2005 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, MensAGumbo, was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, beating Hurricane Katrina to the city by nearly two months. The AG was a joint production of the New Orleans Mensa and Baton Rouge Mensa local groups, and the choice of New Orleans as the site, with Las Vegas and Orlando as the preceding and following sites, raised continued debate about the desirability of using "destination cities", with expensive hotels and competing attractions outside the AG, as a gathering site in preference to other places with fewer costs and distractions.

Preceded by:
2004: Las Vegas
Annual Gathering of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
2006: Orlando (WG)

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