1994 Joint Annual Gathering of American Mensa and Mensa Canada

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The New England AG, aka "NEAG" was sponsored jointly by Boston Mensa, Connecticut and Western Massachusetts Mensa, New Hampshire Mensa, and Rhode Island Mensa as well as Mensa Canada. Co-chairs of the event were Gerry Riley and Donna Jadis. It was held in Cambridge, MA from June 30th through July 5th, at the Hyatt Hotel near Central Square, with the Marriott Hotel near Kendall Square set up for overflow guest rooms and a small hospitality suite. There were 1585 attendees.

Main hospitality was located in a large bi-level room on the 14th floor, with a view of the Charles River and Boston's Back Bay. In addition to the usual schedule of sessions, and continuous well-stocked hospitality, this AG strove to provide extensive touring opportunities for the many historic sights in the Boston area, a very extensive children's program, and a diversie entertainment program. There was a major entertainment event each night, including a swing dance band, a DJ'ed dance, and a live rock band called Band in Boston that consisted of seven Mensans, from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Additional entertainment events were scheduled sporadically during the day including some of Boston's best street performers doing juggling, magic and musical acts in the Hyatt lobby, an Andean musical group performing in one of the ballrooms, and an Eastern Eurpopean folk music group performing in hospitality.

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