1993 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 1993 Annual Gathering of American Mensa was held in Orlando, Florida at the Peabody Hotel, from July 1-4. Keith Proud was the AG chairman. Attendance was around 1100.

The Peabody (a new branch of the classic Memphis hotel) is famous for its daily "March of the Ducks", and Mensa's Creative Mischief SIG made fun of this by parading in duck costumes along with the real ducks during one of the occurrences of this event during the AG.

Unlike the 2006 World Gathering, this was not held on the grounds of Walt Disney World, but buses were available from the hotel to the theme park, which some attendees took advantage of either before, after, or (by missing some of the AG events) during the AG.

Hospitality was in a group of large, contiguous rooms, in contrast to the last two AGs with their smaller and more distant and scattered hospitality suites; food was more plentiful this year as well.

There was a decent lineup of speakers. Game-related events were fairly meager, with no treasure hunt and no Carnelli officially scheduled (though a session of it broke out impromptu), and most other game tournaments announced only through signs rather than in the program book. The registration packets were nonexistent; all you got was a skimpy little program booklet. The name tags were fairly nicely printed, however.

Registration and hotel fees

Registration for the 1993 AG was $35 by 9/30/1992, $48 by 5/31/1993, $60 by 6/30/1993, $69 after. The hotel room rate was $79.

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