1989 Annual Gathering of American Mensa

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The 1989 Annual Gathering of American Mensa, Sunny South AG (A Meeting of the Minds), was held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Radisson Hotel. It lasted from June 28th through July 2nd. There were 1281 attendees. Bambi Maxwell was the AG chairman.

Mensans Nancy Fitch and Oscar Zeiger got married in the hotel courtyard during the AG.

The hospitality was spread out over several rooms, surrounding the pool. Most were nonsmoking, but there was one smoking hospitality suite. There were also separate smoking and nonsmoking game rooms.

Speakers included an atheist critique of the Religious Right's American mythology, and a presentation on how to repair airplanes in Antarctica.

Preceded by:
1988: Montreal (with Canada)
Annual Gathering of American Mensa
Succeeded by:
1990: Orange County